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Kylie in LA

On October 6, 2015 By

This was my first shoot with the stunning Kylie from Ford Models in LA. We shot this in an amazing Airbnb apartment just using natural light.

Hasselblad H5D-50c | 100 mm f2.2 | f4.5 | 1/160 | iso 400

Hasselblad […]

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Model: Rhiana

Designer: Kisskill Lingerie
Stylist: Jane Carrodus

Lighting: Broncolor mega light from on back wall & a P70 from the front

Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/250 second
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Nicole couch shoot (NSFW)

On September 4, 2015 By

Model: Nicole @Vicious Models

Lighting: window light

Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/200 second
Focal Length:100 mm
ISO Speed:800



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Day two, we left our dirty Airbnb (this is no reflection on Airbnb,  just not that apartment in Greenwich), We checked-into the only 2 bedroom hotel left in New York.. Right in the middle of Times Square. Amazing for the views Time Square gets so busy with tourists 24/7. It was stinking hot (33 degrees […]

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Firstly sorry I haven’t blogged since April, I have been so busy but I will try my best to blog once a week from now on

I’ve been wanting to shoot with Elen Santiago @ Major Models New York since is saw her pop up in my Facebook newsfeed […]

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© Peter Coulson 2015
Photographer & Video: Peter Coulson @
Model: Brodie @Vicious Models
Hair & Make-up: Tiarna Leeson
Designer: Vicent Li

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The making of Leah kisskill

On January 12, 2015 By

Because I’m such a crap typist I decided to do a video blog.


Model: Leah Johnsen @ Vivien’s Model Management Ford Models […]

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Teisha Lowry

On August 25, 2014 By


Model: Teisha Lowry Vicious Models
Hair & Make-up: Dani J Fuentes Mua
Styling: Vicious Creative
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar

Lighting: Bowens 1.5 Octagonal […]

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RaRa the Video (NSFW)

On August 7, 2014 By

I love trying to capture a story, movement or an emotion in a single frame, and if I could get the viewer to stop and look at that image for 10 uninterrupted seconds I won. But in this age of gen Y, iPhones, Instagram, twitter, youtube etc most people only spend on average […]

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Part 2 of kisskill’s new new campaign ‘For your eyes only’ featuring the stunning Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg

Model: Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg Vicious Models
Hair & Make-up: Dani J Fuentes […]

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