Urbandon A/W 2012

I had previously shot Don Pezzano from Urbandon’s Jewellery Collection with model Alicia Komodromos in a post called Alicia & Urbandon as seen on Fashionising (NSFW)

I fell in love with the way that he reconstitutes junk into beautiful jewellery and had not realised that he  made clothing also.

In this shoot model Natascha Verkaik wears Urbandon’s clothing made from a U.S army field tent, and a painter’s drop sheet featuring British vintage military brass buttons (amoung other things).

I wanted to create an emphasis on the clothing, environment, feel and model and decide to play with focal plains and proportions by using shallow depths of feels & tilt-shift lenses.

The first image was shot by using a Cannon 400mm f2.8 and the other images were shot using a Cannon TS 24mm lens.


Model: Natascha Verkaik @
Make-up: Natascha Verkaik
Styling: Peter Coulson
Designer: Don Pezzano @ Urbandon


Special notes: the clothing has been made out reclaimed items such as
U.S army field tent, Painters drop sheet featuring British vintage military brass buttons.
All images where shot with tilt shift lenses and no Photoshop



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