A Night on the town with Bellechasse

I  had so much fun Shooting Teisha wearing amazing Bellechasse lingerie around the streets of Melbourne, Paparazzi style with just on camera flash.

Model: Teisha Lowry @ London Models
Make-up: Joanna Blair
Hair: Lorna Evans
Stylist: Brittany Price
Designer: Jane Carrodus for Bellechasse
Shoes: Loula Shoes
Assistant Art Direction: Kath Morey
Assistants: Giusep Cosentino & Mark DexterJewellery by Love me and leave me

Visit Bellechasse

Model:Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Shutter Speed:1/100 second
Lens:16-35mm f2.8
ISO Speed:2000
580 MII



Great stuff Peter. Really like the single flash look when its used for effect like this. Must have caused quite a spectacle in some of those locations. Chuckle!

Danny Van de Griend

Awesome shots Peter!

What kind of flash did you use for those shots?


    Thanks Danny

    Just used the Canon 600EX-RT set to manual

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