The eyes of Elita Demiri

About 2 years ago I was up late editing and a young girl came on chat and said “I want to be a model”so I had a look at her photos, she only had one and it was a typical myspace photo, shot on iPhone from above, pouting, big eyes with a bit of cleavage but heaps of punky attitude.  I replied ” yes all pretty girls want to be a model but its very hard to get into, it’s lots of hard work and you’ll lose all your girlfriends”.  For the next hour I told her all the reasons why she didn’t want to be a model but she kept on persisting so I told her ” if you really want to be a model you will be at my studio at exactly 10am in the morning” then I said “good night”. At 10am the next morning the stunningly, punky, full of attitude young girl walked in to my studio and the rest is history.

Model: Elita Demiri @ Vicious Models