The eyes of Elita Demiri

About 2 years ago I was up late editing and a young girl came on chat and said “I want to be a model”so I had a look at her photos, she only had one and it was a typical myspace photo, shot on iPhone from above, pouting, big eyes with a bit of cleavage but heaps of punky attitude.  I replied ” yes all pretty girls want to be a model but its very hard to get into, it’s lots of hard work and you’ll lose all your girlfriends”.  For the next hour I told her all the reasons why she didn’t want to be a model but she kept on persisting so I told her ” if you really want to be a model you will be at my studio at exactly 10am in the morning” then I said “good night”. At 10am the next morning the stunningly, punky, full of attitude young girl walked in to my studio and the rest is history.

Model: Elita Demiri @ Vicious Models



vicky papas



Eyes and LIPS…


Instead of young girls getting all “hurt”, I think a psychologically healthier attitude is for these young girls not to care so much if a girl on the cover of a magazine is prettier than they are. I mean, what does that say about this girl if she can’t handle that the models are better looking? And what does that say about her if she can’t figure out that most people aren’t as good looking as the models, so therefore she has nothing to worry about. It’s not like her class room is full of models. Wanting all the pretty models at 17 magazine to go home and not have their pictures taken is NOT going to solve the problem. The problem is in some young girls heads and they should go for counseling and/or see a psychiatrist. Not blame it on the reality that some girls look near perfect and then they want to believe this fantasy that they are all fake air brushes when they are not. Sure some are faked. But most good looking girls are just plain good looking. A better message for young girls is to look at the average and be happy with who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t obsess on someone else.


Great shots of a stunning model with three ‘i’ s !

Julie Mavros

I am a very big fan of your work Peter and these images are superb.
If I may ask you a question, what does a photographer do when a 17 year old girl offers to work for you with out a parent present?
I have had two models who stopped answering my messages as soon as I informed them they would need a parent or guardian to accompany them.


    un less I know or met the models parents or I have someone else in the studio I wont shoot them.

Julie Mavros

Thanks Peter. That’s what I was thinking and you have confirmed it. Just because I am a woman, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to protect ‘myself ‘.

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