NZ Test shoot with Michaela

I was Honoured to be invited to speak at the NZIPP Infocus 2012 Conference in Christchurch, but I didn’t have Natascha traveling with me so I needed to find an awesome model. I contacted Mel from Portfolio Models & Talent and asked for her best model, She suggested Michaela who was the runner up in New Zealand’s next top Model. So after two earth tremors 4.2 & 3.5 we did a test shoot at The Chateau on the Park , her eyes where to die for and she was AMAZING. PS She is moving to Australia next year 🙂


vicky papas

jesus, she’s so amazing, these images are crazy gorgeous, insane!!!!!!!

Daniel Stamnell

Really great images.

Simon Forsyth

Amazing images. It was an excellent Masterclass. I learnt heaps.

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