Tanya Jani test shoot

Vicky Papas has been telling me for ages “you have to shoot Tanya” but I have been so busy I let it ship for a while, I finely got around to shooting her the other day and OMG she blew me away. Tanya came into the studio saying how nervous she was and she had only done ever 5 shoots. Tanya’s first frame was amazing and with every frame she got better and better. Below are some edited images and a stop frame video of the entire shoot, 600 images with no editing and nothing deleted and the sound track (take me away) is what I was playing during the shoot.


 Model: Tanya Jani @ Vicious Models


vicky papas

AMAZING!!!!! she just lights up the room, and a pleasure to work with! l was so looking forward to seeing these images, l knew yo would capture the essence of who tania is! being in front of your camera my self , l had the most amazing experience even though l was nervous as all hell, you made me feel so comfortable and the results are just beautiful! YOU ROCK COULSON!!!!!


    Thank you Vicky <3


Very nice shoot and yes, she does have moves… excellent images Peter…


Thank you so much beautiful, you are amazinggggggggggggggg!


    I mean Peter**** haha! and love you Vicky! He truly does rock!

Deirdre Crossan

amazing as always she is beautiful!!! xxxxxx

Don Pezzano

Amazing again. Love the video- mesmerising. She is gorgeous.


Peter, I’m learning to be a photographer, and you are my idol, I really love your shots!
Thank you for please me with your arts!

Nathália Carvalho

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