The Stunningly beautiful Zoe Eleni

The first time I met Zoe was on the top six photo-shoot for the face of OPA magazine and she blew us all away with her natural ability in front of the camera. I couldn’t believe Zoe when she told me this was only her second real photo shoot. The second time I met Zoe was on her Photo shoot for the cover of OPA Magazine “yes she won the Face of OPA competition” and she blew me away again, so confident in front of a very large crew of Hair, make-up, stylists, video and Audio operators and the owners of OPA magazine, she just kept modelling as if know one else was in the studio. I have now shot with Zoe 4 times now including some large commercial shoots and for a model with little experience in front of the camera you would never know it, she rocks it with some of the best models I have worked with, especially if you play 360. Zoe is Represented by Vicious Models.


and finally a behind the scenes from Zoe’s In My Pants Shoot

Model: Zoe Vicious Models
Hair: Lorna Evens
Hair & Makeup: Caroline Olweny
Makeup Assistant: Shirley Davis