The Captain’s Palace with Nicole Gregurek

I was extremely privileged  shoot with the stunning Nicole Gregurek at Peter Janson’s amazing Rutherglen home. Mr Janson’s Rutherglen house is 6 floors/34 room Melbourne wonderland, decorated with furniture ranging from the Gilded Age to the 21st Century, all floors are covered in hand made rugs from all over the world, every wall is covered with the most amazing art, photography and antique stuffed animals.  Its like walking into a stylish mix of private men’s club and old English hunting lodge – including a macabre ”coffin room” with polished oak casket (empty) bearing his name.  This amazing man who uses the title ”captain” from a stint in the Indian military, was among the first to set up a marquee for hospitality at the Melbourne Cup carnival, an idea that companies and corporations have developed into the massive tent city that is erected each year in the Birdcage. He was a pioneer of the Cup’s Fashions of the Field fixture and was something of a legend at the world-renowned Bathurst car race through  the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

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In 4 hours Nicole and I only managed to shoot in 3 rooms, I think I would need at least a year to shoot everything the way I would like to in this extraordinary house. I only used the tungsten and ambient lighting  that was present in each room, some rooms had more than 20 lights. So I just turned on and off the lights and moved Nicole till I created the mood I was after. Except for the last shoot I was trying to recreate that 1940’s/50’s Hollywood movie star look and I used the Carl Zeiss 135mm f2 lens at f2 ( this is fast becoming my favourite lens for my Canon 1Dx ) and for the last image I was more after that Helmut Newton look so I pot on my Canon 50mm f1.2 at f2.5. All these photos where shot as apart of an exhibition I’m doing in New York next year. Special thank you to the wonderful Mr Peter Janson and the stunning Nicole Gregurek.










 Model: Nicole Gregurek Vicious Models
Lighting: up to 8 tungsten lights
Model:Canon EOS-1Dx
Shutter Speed:1/100 second
Aperture:F/2 & F2.5
Lens: Carl Zeiss 135mm f2 & Canon 50mm f1.2
ISO Speed:2000