The making of Leah kisskill

Because I’m such a crap typist I decided to do a video blog.

Leah_14-12-28_0036bw  Leah_14-12-28_0080bw  Leah_14-12-28_0174bw  Leah_14-12-28_0198bw  Leah_14-12-28_0613bw  Leah_14-12-28_0631bw  Leah_14-12-28_0676bw  Leah_14-12-28_0740bw  Leah_14-12-28_0761bw  Leah_14-12-28_0801bw  Leah_14-12-28_0818bw  Leah_14-12-28_0866bw  Leah_14-12-28_0907bw

Model: Leah Johnsen @ Vivien’s Model Management Ford Models Miami
Hair & Make-up: Amanda Moretti Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
Designer: Kisskill Lingerie
Stylist: Jane Carrodus
Lighting: Broncolor P70 painted white
Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/250 second
Focal Length:80 mm
ISO Speed:100