Bec & Brad Pitts unknown daughter in Austin

These are some photos I took of Bec in Austin on our recent trip to The States. It was a boiling hot day, and we just walked around the streets near where we were staying looking for nice natural light, but due to the heat we decided to stop at a bar to cool down, and the lighting at the bar was awesome, as well as having fairy lights to create bokeh’s with. 

At the bottom of this post we have attached some photos from a story we told on our recent podcast, – we went to Franklin Barbecue, a world famous barbecue spot in Austin (highly recommend!), where you can’t make a reservation, you have to stand in line for up to 3 hours and once they have sold out of meat they close. We were standing in line and the person in front of us started talking to us and went on to say she’s an actress in town filming a new Tarantino documentary, and then went on to say she’s Brad Pitt’s unknown daughter, and asked us if we wanted a selfie with her. She also said the car from the film was parked on 15th & San Antonio if we wanted to go check it out, and Bec just so happened to walk past it getting coffee one morning so she grabbed a quick photo of it. We aren’t sure if any of the story this person told us is true but it was a great story and she had us going.