Claire-Louisa Paterson

I first met Claire last year in Berlin, she was one of the models at my Workshop and at the time I didn’t know she was an amazing dancer. I was so lucky to arrange a dance shoot with her when she was on holidays in Sydney earlier this year.

Claire16-02_240119 Claire16-02_240022 Claire16-02_240054 Claire16-02_240082 Claire16-02_240106 Claire16-02_240116 Claire16-02_240124 Claire16-02_240145

Model: Claire-Louisa Paterson
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar

Lighting: Broncolor 1.5 octagonal soft box
Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/320 second
Focal Length:100 mm
ISO Speed:100