Claire-Louisa Paterson

I first met Claire last year in Berlin, she was one of the models at my Workshop and at the time I didn’t know she was an amazing dancer. I was so lucky to arrange a dance shoot with her when she was on holidays in Sydney earlier this year.

Claire16-02_240119 Claire16-02_240022 Claire16-02_240054 Claire16-02_240082 Claire16-02_240106 Claire16-02_240116 Claire16-02_240124 Claire16-02_240145

Model: Claire-Louisa Paterson
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar

Lighting: Broncolor 1.5 octagonal soft box
Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/320 second
Focal Length:100 mm
ISO Speed:100



Leroy Gordon

Peter lighting fashion models is your forte. Posing and Lighting dance artists in my opinion puts you up as world class. Do more, ask Roz to conduct a survey for a one off dance workshop in Melbourne and watch the response.

In summary your dance photographic artistry had no peer in this country. Your early artistic work from your website is exceptional please do more

Sincerely Leroy Gordon


    Thank you Leroy, Yes I might run a dance workshop in the future and I’m trying to get time so i can shoot more of my stuff 🙂

Thierry Delorme

Beautiful rendering of weight training and body posture of the dancer .

Al Milligan

Fantastic…Love the grace and power in the shots.

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