Hotel room, natural light, Tara & no Photoshop
I had an awesome  shoot with Tara in a Sydney hotel room recently. We spent the afternoon playing..
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Natascha Verkaik natural light and straight out of camera
Model: Natascha Verkaik   100% Natural window light Model:Hasselblad H4D-50 Shutter Speed:1/100 second Aperture:F/2.8 Focal Length:100 mm ISO..
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Perth Workshops in September
Click here to book online Click here to book online Click here to book online Click here to..
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Natascha Verkaik going fashionising
This is from Natascha Verkaiks first fashion set featured on Model: Natascha Verkaik Styling: Peter Coulson  ..
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Elita tape shoot
Model: Elita Demiri Hair, nake-up and Styling on the last 2 photos Jacquline Kalab
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My first proper shoot with Tara
Model: Tara Make-up: Natascha Verkaik    Lighting: large octagonal softboxModel:Hasselblad H4D-50 Shutter Speed:1/320 second Aperture:F/9 Focal Length:100 mm..
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Milica commercial portfolio shoot
Images are from shoot with model, Milica Vujic of Scene Models for her commercial portfolio.  The focus was..
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Andy Warhol make up shoot
An amazing shoot with Jacqueline Kalab and model: Nicole Gregurek Model: Nicole Gregurek Hair & Make-up: Jacqueline Kalab..
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