Shooting in the streets of Paris with Erika Albonetti

Erika a 161014_0660

Erika a 161014_0756

Erika a 161014_0772

Erika a 161014_0788

Erika a 161014_0876

Erika a 161014_0906

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Erika a 161014_0961

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Erika a 161014_1130

Erika a 161014_1168

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Erika a 161014_1335

This is the Facebook live BTS video

Model: Erika Albonetti
H&MU: Caroline Madison
Stylist: Caroline Madison
Designer: Paloma Casile
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar & Leo

Lighting: Rotolight Neo
Model:sony A7r II
Shutter Speed:1/160 second
Lens: Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4
ISO Speed:3200


Gary Edmonstone (

I love this series and after watching the video in Paris, will be buying the Rotolight. I`ve just invested in the Sony A7RII on the strength of you using it. I`ve been looking at that camera or the Nikon D810 but went with the Sony. Great work and keep on them coming!


    Thanks Gary, the Sony A7RII and the rotolight work amazing together


      Hi Peter! Great work as usual! Just checking if you have any insights hows this rotolight working on Canon full-frame cameras?




      I was using a full frame sony so no difference


Shooting strret fashion in Paris require wet pavements. Otherwise it’s boring. 😀

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