Deirdre on the couch and in the sun

I can’t believe how much Deirdre has changed in 3 shoots. The first time I worked her it took me it was a training shoot and it 2 hours of begging to get her to take her make-up off. And now she turns up to the studio with no make-up and her fiery Irish attitude. This is some of what we did no a recent shoot with natural sun light shining through the studio’s front window.

Model: Deirdre Crossan

Natural window light

Model:Hasselblad H4D-50
Shutter Speed:1/100 to 1/250 second
Aperture:f/2.8 to f/11
Focal Length:80 mm
ISO Speed:100



Gotta love the couch shots, very funky!


She needs no make-up! Those freckles are just amazing… Great photos, as always!

Don Pezzano

She is SO beautiful. Amazing eyes. Love this series. Damn, I want your windows and your natural light!

Lorraine Brennan

Beautiful natural pictures. Deirdre is truely a natural beauty inside and out and she seems to be going from strength to strengh. Long may it last. Maith an cailin dee!!! x

Dr Paul Perkoulidis

A photographers vision born of the intangible – a creative artistry – when finally captured thru its struggle is what makes and enhances such a unique work transporting into the sublime ….
When I first saw all of Deidre’s photo shoots, it was yours Peter that stood out “head & shoulders” above the rest and I complemented her about that. Again, these ones are so very special & exemplary. :))


    Thank you Paul so much, Deirdre dose make it easy to get awesome photos

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