Test shoot With Natasha Ioannidis

I first meet Natascha when I was shooting the finalist for the Face of OPA and I asked her if she was interested in testing with me. When I test/train a model I like to shoot them with natural light, no hair or Make-up and plain clothing. It’s easier for the model if they have amazing hair & make-up and to die for styling to look awesome so I make it as hard as I can. Then I look for the models insecurities and then push them as hard as I can. Just like breaking in a horse. It might sound really bad but once I break them they pose by feel rather than sticking a posed face on. BTW Natasha’s insecurity is messy hair in her face 🙂


Model: Natasha Ioannidis

100% Natural window light

Model:Hasselblad H4D-50
Shutter Speed:1/200 second
Focal Length:80 mm
ISO Speed:200


Annie Gelhaar



Wow she’s good… You’re good! Damn good work!

vicky papas

LOVE!!!! and love the way you shoot women! 🙂

Ellenor de Boer

Thank you for the comments you made at the start of the blog the shots look wonderful.

Natasha I

now everyone knows my secret.. 🙁 haha
LOVE the photos Peter! Can’t wait for the next shoot

Ps. you too used to Natascha V, you spelled my name wrong.. 😛


Nice shots !

I’d like to know more about your “testing process”, how you spot insecurity from your model and how you work on it.

Daniel Fisher

Incredible eyes! Great series.

Michael Robert Brown

Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )

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