Audrey Hewko

Their is only one thing I like shooting more than dancers,

Its fashion models who are dancers.

Audery13-05-22 0117

Audery13-05-22 0036

Audery13-05-22 0142

Audery13-05-22 0150

Audery13-05-22 0193

Audery13-05-22 0208

Audery13-05-22 0237

Audery13-05-22 0390

Audery13-05-22 0393bw

Model: Audrey Hewko

Lighting: Bowens 1.8m Octagonal soft box
No Photoshop
Model:Hasselblad H5D-50
Shutter Speed:1/320 second
Focal Length:80 mm
ISO Speed:100


Arek Rainczuk

Beautiful as always. Stunning girl captured in amazing “poses” – simple light and scene…pure Peter C. 🙂


Outstanding work…simply beautiful as ever. I must get access to a studio space but fear I’d struggle to match your usual beautiful daylight lighting, though here I’m assuming flash which is equally subtle in this shoot. Art!

Michael Glendale

From Victoria BC Canada.

Thanks to you and all of yours for being a source of inspiration way over here. Beautiful lines. Beautiful everything. Shadows+fall-off+positioning of subject+garment choices. Reminds me of a perfect meal, where all the colors are working+textures+arrangement+temperature.

So much to look at and take in, but still subtle. I want to be this good/connected to my work one day.



    Thank you Michael for your awesome words 🙂

Andrew Zielinski

Awesome work, one of my favourite sets

Natalie Hauman

This takes my breath away.

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