KissKill at the Windsor ( sugar champaign & Lingerie )

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kisskill windsor13-05-05 236

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Kisskill windsor1850


Model: Tanya Alijani Vicious Models @ Melody Le
Make-up: Leonie Karagiannis Mua
Hair: Andrea de Deugd
Designer: kisskill
Stylist: Jane Carrodus

Lighting: Canon 680ex on camera

Model:Canon EOS-1Dx
Shutter Speed:1/80 second
Lens: 50mm
ISO Speed:1000


Chris Meredith

Stunning work Peter.

Don Pezzano

Amazing work. Just love this series. Nothing sexier than those big smiles.

Andre De Angelis

I can’t get over the fact you got such amazing results with an on camera speedlight. At first I thought you might have used as ring light.

Chris Meredith

Agree with Andre on great use of on-camera flash- would be great to know if you have any secrets to share. My guess is that 1000ISO helps ensure that the flash is just a fill and the main light sources are ambient. Is that right??


    yes that helps but balancing the flash and ambient light manually is the most important

      Chris Meredith

      thanks! Appreciate your sharing the tip.

      Andre De Angelis

      You’re a class act Peter,

      Be it a Broncolor Pack or a speedlight, what stands out is your vision of what you were trying to achieve. Had you not mentioned it, I would not have guessed you used a speedlight.

      Your control of the shadows is excellent.


      Thanks Andre, I get lots of practice and I’m really fussy

      Andre De Angelis

      I can’t imagine any other way to achieve the results you do Peter.

      Andre De Angelis


      Call me daft, but it just occurred to me, you only have one model mentioned in the credits. I initially assumed you had fond a stunning pair of identical twins.

      Excuse my English, but how the hell did you get the girl to align herself so accurately in the bath pics and the one with their legs in the air?


      2 models Tanya & Melody

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