Rosanna Faraci from Model to Photographer to Model

I first met Rosanna as a photographer at one of my Natural Light workshops in Melbourne. She told me she had spent most of her life on the other side of the camera but she was really enjoying making the switch from model to photographer. Rosanna shoots model portfolios and works as an event photographer at some of Melbourne’s top clubs. I bumped into her at a fashion event at Baroq House and we started talking about photography my posing techniques and a couple of weeks later this stunning woman was in front of my camera. I started off shooting/breaking Rosanna, no hair or make up, natural light at the front window of the studio for about an hour. Once Rosanna didn’t give a rats what she looked like in the shots she was then ready for  hair, make-up and a shredded pair of jeans. O and 1 octagonal soft box 🙂







Model: Rosanna at Rosanna Faraci Photography

Lighting Bowens 1.8m Octagonal soft box

Model:Hasselblad H5D-50
Shutter Speed:1/320 second
Focal Length:100 mm
ISO Speed:100